What is the Importance of Translation for Spreading Corona Virus Awareness?

What is the Importance of Translation for Spreading Corona Virus Awareness?

The coronavirus pandemic is showing how essential translation services are. Misinformation and fake news campaigns, both in the online and offline world, are undermining the efforts of the governments in fighting the virus.

Panic due to fake news about corona infections has been a recurring pattern across the world. Wrong treatment regimes are being advocated leading to loss of lives. The misinformation campaigns are causing psychological distress and physical harm.

As an individual or a business entity or an NGO, you can use the services of a translation agency in India to disseminate authentic information.

Official Information

In any crisis, disseminating official information from the government is key to curtail misinformation. For many, the corona crisis is a question of their survival. Thus, when people can get authentic information, they will act appropriately to be safe.

One of the best examples of how translation is helping in disseminating official information is the Aarogya Setu app< launched by the government. The app contains government advisory, self care information, COVID-19 patients tracking, etc., in 11 different languages.

Scientific Information

While the pandemic is showing its ugly face across the world, scientists are throwing new light on the virus and its impact on the human body from time to time. Translating such scientific literature into languages that people can understand will benefit them. Providing such information in local dialects will put an end to superstitious beliefs.

Medical Translation

The most important area where translation has become necessary is in medical treatments. Medical translation is enabling caregivers and doctors to handle patients with diverse linguistic backgrounds to understand their medical conditions better. Regulatory documents, corona-related information guides, and patient forms are being translated. Such translated text will also help in dealing with migrant workers who have limited understanding of the migrated area’s local language.

Information On Social Media

Social media is facilitating the spread of fake news like wildfire. As a responsible citizen or an organization, the least we can do is, to tell the truth to people. And translation services help in spreading the truth to the public. You can break the fake news transmission by circulating authentic information in translated form.

An example of using translation services in spreading coronavirus awareness was a recent creative video campaign by movie actors across the country. Shot from each actor's own homes has gone viral. Even though the actors are speaking different languages, the translated subtitles let the audience understand the message the actors are trying to spread.

In any national or global crisis, communication plays an important role in response to the crisis. The translation service is thus an integral part of the global response to a crisis. In creating awareness about coronavirus too, translation plays a crucial role.

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