Why Hire A Full-Scale Translation Company?

Why Hire A Full-Scale Translation Company?

There is a list of groceries to purchase. You began shopping at your nearby mom-and-pop store. Not all groceries are available at the store. Naturally, you moved to another one. Yet again, you found some things unavailable and moved to another shop. After a while, it becomes cumbersome to hop to every other shop. Eventually, for your next grocery shopping, you visit a supermarket where you can get all you need.

The above logic applies to your business translation needs as well. You need translation services when you expand your business to new regions. And with novel modes of marketing emerging, you require various types of services. What is the better way to get these services - hiring a bunch of service providers or a one-stop translation company that provides all services? Here lies the importance of a full-stack translation company.

What is a Full-scale Translation Agency?

Converting a written text from a source language to a target language is what translation means. When it comes to translation services, it includes a broad spectrum of activities. Translating written texts like documents, transcriptions, subtitles, and others fall under translation services. It also provides localization services that translate considering cultural nuances, dialects and other aspects of a target language. 

Apart from these, a full-scale translation agency offers language services like interpretation services, transcription services, voice-over services, and DTP services.

Now, imagine the flexibility a full-scale agency provides in choosing services.

Reasons to Hire An All-Around Translation Company

While the choice of services is advantageous, there are many other reasons to hire an all-around translation company.
  • Multi-Language Services
Say you have retail outlets in different regions of the world. You have created a new employee training module and want it to share with every outlet. The obvious decision is to translate the text into different languages. Not all translation agencies are capable of translating into numerous languages. But, a full-scale translation services provider will have the necessary resources and capabilities to translate into various languages in one go.
  • Subject Matter Expertise
A holistic translation services provider will have subject matter experts handling translations. Say you have a translation requirement for a medico-legal document. The translator must be an expert in medical and legal subjects and possess proficient knowledge of the source and target languages. A niche agency may not deliver such a service. And a full-scale agency is your best bet.
  • Fulfils Documentation Requirements
Document translations are the most common translation requirements for any business. Most companies end up providing text-to-text translations. But documents are not mere texts. They contain page layout designs, numerals, figures, and graphical information. Translating the text alone into a target language is futile. For example, Arabic texts start from right to left and may require a different page layout. Also, the design should be culturally acceptable. Here, all-round companies with their localization and DTP services will be beneficial.
  •  Your Digital Media Saviour
Thanks to social media, audio-visuals (AV) have become the primary marketing channel for brands. If you employ an all-encompassing translation company, you can translate your AV content, be it the script, subtitles, transcriptions, voice-overs, etc. The company becomes a single window service provider for translating your digital media.  
  • A Potential Lead Generator
According to a report from Google, 90% of Indian internet users prefer to consume content in their preferred language. There are over 400+ languages in India, with 22 major languages spoken widely. For such language diversity, delivering content in the audience’s favoured  language will help you generate leads. And a full-scale translation company with its ability to translate into any language is your best bet.
  • Translation Coherence
Imagine hiring a company for document translation, another for your AVs, and a third for translating into a particular language. Visualise the amount of complexity of monitoring these projects. Moreover, splitting translation work will lead to incoherence across your content. The tone of your business messaging may get lost with multiple people working. But, with an all-encompassing agency, there will be absolute coherence among all your translation projects, and messaging tone remain intact.

Crystal Hues - A Full-Scale Translation Agency in India

Only a few companies in India can deliver full-scale translation services, and Crystal Hues is one such company.

Crystal Hues is a three-decades-old translation company with well-established offices across Asia. We have been providing content in numerous languages for businesses across niches. Our capabilities are
  • Extensive Language Support
With over 200+ language professionals, we have one of the largest translations team in India. Our professionals can deliver content in over 120 global languages and diverse niches. We can translate medical, legal, financial, technical, scientific and other complex content from and into any language.

Most importantly, we are the best localization agency in India. It means we deliver culturally appropriate and dialectically accurate content within the liking of your target audience.
  • Services Diversity
We offer a range of services like translation services, localization services, interpretation services, transcription services, voice-over services, and more. Being an ISO-certified company, we strictly adhere to deadlines and quality output.
  • Quick Delivery
For most businesses, on-time and quick delivery is critical. At Crystal Hues, we deliver your projects on short notice. We have a reputation for the fastest turnaround times in the translation industry.
  • Bottom Line
In a world where content has become a success factor, businesses must understand the importance of translation. Take this simple example. To enter a new region and gain  customer confidence, you should attract them by speaking in their language. Hence translation is essential.

Hopping around and hiring different companies for translation purposes is a hassle and creates incoherence in your marketing efforts. The right choice is to hire a full-scale translation company in India like Crystal Hues. And being the best localization agency in India, Crystal Hues provides many benefits. Try our services now!