Understanding the Importance of Medical Translation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Understanding the Importance of Medical Translation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Never before has medical translation has gained such importance in history as it is now. The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world with its lethality. Scores of people are dying an untimely death due to the pandemic. Healthcare systems, especially in India, are stretched to their maximum and are unable to cope with the rising number of cases.

 Scientists, researchers, medical professionals across the board have risen for the challenge. They carried out research, created medical protocols, identified medicines, developed vaccines, diagnosis kits, and more to curtail the coronavirus spread.

Complementing the scientific community’s efforts, medical translators have risen to the occasion. They are translating large volumes of information regarding the coronavirus and are communicating with the world.

Thanks to their efforts, the general public is now talking about medical terms and procedures. Awareness about the virus is the first step in protecting oneself, and translated medical information is spreading the awareness.

Here are some aspects where the medical translation is being used amidst the pandemic. 

1.       Public Health Information Dissemination - Medical translation is playing a pivotal role in public health information dissemination. By accurately translating the medical terms in the target language, medical translation service providers are doing a great job in fighting the pandemic. Not just the government and media, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and well-intended organizations too are using medical translation to spread awareness about the pandemic.

2.       Pharmacology Information - Every other day, new drugs are being discovered, and new treatment procedures are being brought out. Medical translation is thus being deployed to make the medical fraternity and general public understand the information. Medicine dosage dossiers, side effects information, treatment regimen, etc., are all being translated.

3.       Patient Case Files - With governments resorting to lockdowns, some people are getting stuck in foreign places. When such people visit local healthcare facilities, they are unable to communicate. Medical translators and interpreters are becoming useful to help them out.  

4.       Scientific Papers -New research about the inner mechanisms of the virus and how it is affecting the human body is coming from laboratories across the world. Medical translating is helping disseminate this information to the world. 

5.       Covid-19 Protocols - Governments, businesses, and organizations are using translation services for creating COVID-19 protocols to be followed by the citizens, employees, and stakeholders.

6.       Government Guidelines to Healthcare Workers -With the virus evolving rapidly, caseloads are increasing. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics, the government is constantly updating COVID-19 guidelines for frontline workers. Here too, medical translation is playing a role.

 Medical Translation - An Essential Service

The above are a few among many aspects where the medical translation is finding its use. This communication service has become an essential service for the world.

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