Why is Medical Translation Vital During COVID-19 Pandemic

Why is Medical Translation Vital During COVID-19 Pandemic

The medical fraternity of every nation is sure a stressed lot. They are at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. But in some situations, their hard work is being undone by language barriers.

During pandemic conditions, communication is vital. There should not be any confusion  about communicating with the patients their medical condition and reporting the same. Also, the longer a doctor or a healthcare person takes to explain things to a patient, the higher are the chances of medical personnel getting infected with the virus.

Language Barrier and Medical Translation

The language barrier is thus hampering the progress of the medical fraternity’s fight against the coronavirus. Cases across the world are popping up where minority speakers are unable to understand the procedures laid out in the majority language. Doctors and other medical professionals are finding it hard to explain things to such people.

Take, for example, the United States of America. There are over 25 million people in the country who do not speak English. Convincing such persons to sign Informed Consent Forms, clinical study agreements, and contracts, etc., is problematic.

Here, in India, states like Maharashtra are mulling the idea of providing detailed patient guidelines and protocols in the Urdu language as the majority of the state’s coronavirus patients are from the minority group who do not understand Marathi.

Thus, for hospitals and other healthcare facilities and even governments, medical translation is of vital importance for accurate communication. Also, with the help of medical translation, communicating new treatment interventions from one part of the world to another part becomes easy.

But medical translation is not the forte of every other translation agency. Only a professional agency with experience in the field can deliver results with accuracy in these times.

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